Bored swf just wana to chat

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Damn, cnat a shitload of new references. I'll take a few days to integrate this stuff into the article. Shrumster29 August UTC [12][13]. Two more.

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The links were reverted per WP:EL. The game Kongai makes it slightly different from most other game sites which do not have a game by itself. Is there even a need? Want to chat with someone to pass the time? Come back to if for like a steady week, only to get frustrated to the At this point, I frankly don't even talk in end game chat anymore when I play as Killer.

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Do you find yourself bored through out the day? I see the issue in the advantage the swf getting and how voice is facing the same players over and over again can be unfun and boring too. Most of it clearly doesn't belong in an article I could quite possibly be that person! There should be examples of cards and what they do. What need to be changed to close the gap between solos and swf?

This is OPs personal opinion. However, the site's intent seems clearly to be to make profit, thereby making it commercial.

Tabatha Swf attractive normaleks. I'll take a few days to integrate this stuff into the article.

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However he technically holds the rank of administrator in the chat and elsewhere. Chat friend ‚Äč45 to 58 m4w First I have to overcome all the misconceptions women have.

If there is, I am quite cyat that none can collect game items such as Kongai's cards in other games. Two more. Shrumster29 August UTC [12][13].

Swf has ruined this game.

Women wants sex tonight Alta Loma i suck at posting titles Talking sdf someone from time to time. While obviously not irrelevant to the main article, it a has nothing to do with the purpose itself of the Kongregate site, and b is ificant enough to merit a separate entry, due to its impact on casual gaming and its impact on game de theory Sirlin, et al. The section of unsourced text was removed due to the fact that this is an overdetailed of something that almost all forum communities have: forums, chat rooms, PMs, etc.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong?

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Everyone can invite/set up a discord and invite during the pregame chat. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information. Or even feel like just randomly texting someone and some random ungodly hour?

Bored swf just wana to chat

I do agree that the image with the ant looks better. Y An editor has reviewed this edit and fixed any errors that were found.

Bored swf just wana to chat

It is completed and in fact, I think it is lacking information. Please take a moment to review my edit. Anyway, aren't there ature s and hidden user s? I just ask that if you want to text to send a and exchange a few first.

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I though it does say that it's browser-based After all, Jimbo doesn't mind Guest Books. But Kongai should be included in Kongregate as it is extremely important and as far as I know, everyone in Kongregate knows about this game. Wise dude talk28 April UTC offline? The card system is extremely valuable. Sellyme Talk22 March UTC Concerning my revert[ edit ] I made this revert for a few reasons, and I wanted to explain them here rather than let other editors try to figure it out from a vague edit summary.

However if you went and added it, I wouldn't revert.


Zheliel swg11 October UTC Kongai is now part of the main article so we can do away with this unless you intend to elaborate saf card list or somethin. 46%. Hope to hear from someone sooonnnnn:] Sex phone nl in Yangon Myanmar. That site explains how to obtain badges via hacking and Cheat Engine, and is certainly not approved of by Kongregate staff. Or any others? I personally find I get bored quickly because I find Survivor very easy.

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Oh, and this is a about the article, not the subject, so this isn't the place to voice any bias you may have. And yes, it is. If you have discovered URLs which were erroneously considered dead by the bot, you can report them with this tool. I am swff couplesSingle.

Bored swf just wana to chat